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Eira Animations!

A while ago I posted an image of our main character for a roleplaying game me and some other student are making and here´s a video of some of her animations I’ve made. Keep in mind that this is just some of the first animations and they haven’t been fully tested in the game engine yet, so some of them will probably need some fixing later on. The attack animations might look silly without the weapons but just imagine a sword held by the right hand and a dagger in the left 🙂
There are some more animations but I didn’t have time to record all of them, but don’t worry, I’ll be posting a video of how everything looks in the game soon.

At the moment i´m working on some assets for the game and I’ve finished a lot, such as two tents, three types of trees, three types of bushes, a campfire, lanterns, some pillows, some leather sacks. Some of the objects might sound stupid and not at all interesting but its quiet important for the overall feel of the environment that i´m trying to create.