© 2013 Kasra


This is Eira (meaning snow and the soothing one), our main character in our role playing game me and some other friends are making for our bachelor thesis. She´s supposed to be a nomad who lives in an environment similar to the old norse. I was going for a more simple style with this character for a lot of reasons, mostly because I’m the only graphical artist in this project, so I have a lot of things to do. The game will be viewed from a slight bird perspective where the camera will be looking down on the character from a distance so there was no point in making her super detailed. So instead of focusing on that I tried to use colors to resemble what she represents. The brown and green colors were chosen to show her connection with nature and where she lives, the red was to represent the warm qualities she possesses.

I´m currently animating her, and she´s going to have about fourteen animations which hopefully will work well with each other. I´ll be posting a video of the animations when they are done!