Scripts For Our RTS Game, Tribal Conflict

The Unit to XML is a tool which helps designers to add specific attributes and desired animations in a single XML file. It was made to help designers tweaking attributes much easier instead of creating new XML files and editing manually.

The user has to set the name, healthpoint, speed, units per squad, collision radius/height, and choose an animation directory of the model to get the correct animations included in the XML file. Execute the tool by pressing “Save To XML” and browes to the desired folder you want to save it in.

Tribal Conflict can be viewed here.



Scripts For Our Space Shooter Game, Waste Of Space
These are some tools that I created with Filip Angelison which helped our developers in the production.

• Add Suffix – eliminates the risk of not following the naming convension set for the game.
• Hide/Show – Quicker and easier to hide and show desired objects in a Maya scene.
• UV Scaler – A quicker and exact way of scaling and moving UVs. Much needed due to the modular workflow used in the production.
• Re-Path Textures – Allows the user to quickly change the paths of textures.

Waste of Space can be viewed here.

Color by Density

This is a tool that checks the tri density of all polygon objects in the users maya scene. The objects can be colored depending on their tri density. The object with the lowest tri density will get the color green. The object with the highest tri density will be colored red. The objects that have a tri density that ranges in between are assigned a color depending on how close they are to the highest or lowest tri density, for example if an object has a tri density that is right in the middle of the highest and lowest tri density will be colored yellow.

The user can also add an annotation above all objects wich will display the number of tris that the object has.

The script can be downloaded here.